Equipment Used in Classes


AKC Programs


Positive Rescues and Shelters in the Bay Area.

Love & Second Chances (rescue)
Silicon Valley Pet Project (rescue)
Berkeley Humane Society
Peninsula Humane Society
Marin Human
Family Dog Rescue


Training Tidbits

  • Short video on impulse control (credit to Susan Garrett)
    The first thing to teach pups/dogs at any age when beginning training. This teaches your dog to make good choices – operant conditioning. Susan Garrett (one of the top agility trainers in the world) is credited with creating the exercise though this is not one of her videos. 
  • The Secret to Dog Training and More Dog Training Secrets – by Dr Sophia Yin
    The timing of your rewards is extremely important! Also watch the 2nd video on this page “Train the desired behavior first”.
  • Notes from TCDTC’s Denise Fenzi Trainer Clinic