Town and Country Dog Training Club, Inc. offers year round obedience and conformation classes to South Bay Area dog lovers . We are a non-profit organization.

We provide both non-competition and competition classes to help you to train your dog using Positive training methods and to develop a well-behaved & happy dog. Our club also offers both Pet and Competition classes.  

We occasionally offer Run-throughs, and/or Seminars. See our Events page for more information.


Officers and Board Members

  • Pat Ropp, President
  • Mary Dent, Treasurer
  • TBD, Secretary
  • Judy Baird
  • Mary Ann Graziano
  • Eilene Johnson
  • Diane Gordon


  • Training Director - Bea Moore
  • Training Class Secretary - Carol Kent
  • Membership - Judy Baird
  • Sunshine - Mary Ann Graziano
  • Webmaster - Bea Moore