Town and Country Dog Training Club, Inc. offers year round obedience and conformation classes to South Bay Area dog lovers . We are a non-profit organization. We hold our classes at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on Wednesday nights. During the winter months classes are held indoors and during the warmer months we hold our classes outdoors on grass.

We provide Obedience, Rally and Conformation classes to teach you to train your dog and develop a well-behaved family pet that is socialized, a pleasure to own, and responds to your commands. Our club also offers Advanced classes for Competition.  

We also offer monthly Clinics, Workshops, and/or Seminars. See our Events page for more information.


Officers and Board Members

  • Pat Ropp, President
  • Mary Dent, Treasurer
  • Suzy Phillips, Secretary
  • Judy Baird
  • Mary Ann Graziano
  • Eilene Johnson


  • Training Director - Bea Moore
  • Training Class Secretary - Carol Kent
  • Membership - Judy Baird
  • Sunshine - Mary Ann Graziano
  • Webmaster - Bea Moore