Town and Country Dog Training Club, Inc. offers year round dog training classes to South Bay Area dog lovers . We are a non-profit organization.  We provide both non-competition and competition classes to help you to train your dog using Positive training methods and to develop a well-behaved & happy dog. Our club also offers both Pet and Competition classes.


Town & Country DTC holds positive training classes for the community, but we can’t exist without our membership to help with our class nights and events. We encourage folks to join us as members!

Member Benefits:

  • Discounted T&C DTC classes and seminars
  • Special member-only events

To inquire about joining, please contact our membership secretary.


Officers and Board Members

  • Pat Ropp, President
  • Cheryl Lester, Treasurer
  • Alamelu Sankaranarayanan, Secretary
  • Eilene Johnson
  • Diane Gordon
  • Kim Strassner


  • Training Director – Bea Moore
  • Training Class Secretary – Alamelu Sankaranarayanan
  • Membership – Cheryl Lester
  • Sunshine – currently vacant
  • Webmaster – Bea Moore & Christine Hsu

T&C DTC Members-Only section